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Sunday Book Club: Beartown

Today’s book is Beartown, by Fredrik Backman.  I adored Backman’s earlier work, A Man Called Ove (again, if you haven’t read this yet, you must!), and I was expecting this work to be very similar. It wasn’t. That’s not to say it wasn’t good.  The characters are well-developed, as is the story.  Sports in a small town.… Continue reading Sunday Book Club: Beartown

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Criticism and the Anxious Mind

These are my own experiences.  I am not a medical professional.   We all experience criticism at some point.  Sometimes it is meant to be mean, sometimes light-hearted, sometimes as a means to improvement from a well-meaning friend or colleague.  Many people are able to take that criticism and use it as a healthy way… Continue reading Criticism and the Anxious Mind



Okay, I love this dress! It is perfect for so many occasions.  Lunch, brunch, dinner, even church.  I love the length and the cut. Dress: Draper James (This dress isn’t available anymore, but the site has tons of super cute summer dresses, so check it out!) Shoes: My go-to Stuart Weitzmans! Sunglasses: Prada