Welcome, y’all!

I remember when my dad turned forty.  I was twelve, and forty seemed so old. I would never be forty.  And yet, here I am, even older than forty and without any part of my life figured out.  You would think at the very least that I would have some sort of direction.  But I’m still flailing.

I have four kids.  Two boys in high school, one boy in elementary school and a daughter in kindergarten.  And y’all, I have been struggling.  Struggling with aging, struggling with anxiety, struggling with figuring out what I want to do with myself.  In my younger life, I worked for an advertising agency.  After having children I became a stay-at-home mom.  As my oldest son is preparing to leave our home and we are no longer having babies, I wonder what life holds for me next.

It’s scary but exciting.  And I know that there are other women just like me, strong women that are now left to try to figure out what the next stage is.  And hating parts about that next stage (aging, staying fit, driving all over kingdom come to take every kid to every destination and worrying that you aren’t good enough for any of it), but loving other parts (not having to take the entire nursery with you every time you leave, no more potty-training, traveling with ease, not having to get babysitters or take small children to the grocery store, freedom to leave the house when you need to).

Another thing about me: I have no fashion sense.  At all.  90% of the time I wear “active wear”, 8% of the time I wear sweats.  2% of the time I will actually put myself together.  Y’all, I am not exaggerating.  I probably wear makeup once a week.  I may or may not have had a child tell me once that I could come to a school program but only “if you wear real clothes and put on makeup.”  So part of this blog is me figuring out what I look good in and what I should wear and what is appropriate.

I struggle with anxiety.  Like most of you, it varies from mild to not showering because it seems overwhelming.  I am currently working with different coping mechanisms to get this under control.  Because sometimes, it’s not.

I’ve had plastic surgery, fillers, Botox and skin treatments.  I want to share my results and experiences with doing these procedures with other people.  Aging stinks, but there are things we can do to look good at each phase of our lives.

Come join me!  It’ll be fun!

13 thoughts on “Welcome, y’all!

  1. I miss you!!! I’ll never forget that first time in church when you said, “Wait, you’re from Florida?!” It was like Southern ladies unite! I look forward to your blog. We all need to stick together and help each other out. I think we are more alike than we thought. Here’s to your blog!!!


  2. Awesome yes for sure I can identify with aging and trying to take care of ourselves. Ill check on what you write.


  3. I remember when you were told to wear real clothes to go to that school program!! Still makes me laugh. Love you and so excited for this new journey you’re taking. You’re going to do great!!


  4. I love your first post!! So real! I remember when dad turned 40 and you put a sign in our yard- “Lordy, Lordy Mike is 40”. I thought you were so funny (you still are )


  5. I am right there with you!! Not sure what to do now that kids are getting older. And the aging is scaring me to death!! Can’t wait to follow along!! Miss you cute friend!!


  6. I love and adore you more than you probably know Trisha. This blog is SO great, and just for the record I think you’re beautiful inside and out. ❤


  7. What you’re doing is awesome, and real! Nothing is better! I so enjoyed hanging with you on the boat and hope maybe someday to see you again on another one! Take care, and I’ll be reading!!! 😉
    P.S. Tell Elizabeth Breckin says “hi”! ☺


  8. Oh I’m right there with ya lady! I knew you were awesome from the moment I met you in Winston! Excited to follow your blog!


  9. When I hear you talk about your struggles all I hear is your love, compassion and strenght. You care so deeply it twist you into knots & my friend that can be a great thing! Love you lots & look forward to hearing your best vulnerable, juicy, real stuff!


  10. I am right there with you and so many moms all feel this way! I can’t wait to read more posts and see your outfits you try too! Love the top in this post! Super cute!


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