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My Favorite Body Care!

I live in a very dry climate.  In the winter, the air is so dry that my skin hurts.  MY SKIN HURTS!!! I’ve tried everything, but nothing would really relieve my severely dry skin.  Until this:


Not only did I only have to use this twice a day (other lotions I was applying up to four times a day with very little results), my skin looked and felt better.

In the winter, I used The Oil twice a day.  The oil is a combination of several different kinds, including coconut and sweet almond oils.  It smells amazing (like vanilla!) and works wonders on your skin.

I let the oil rest on my skin for a bit, then I slather in the hydrating body butter.  Again, same soothing, moisturizing ingredients.  They have several scents, but my favorite is the basic vanilla.

The body sugar scrub for the shower is also great as an exfoliant.  I use it right before shaving, or in the summer to scrub off sunscreen (it tends to build up on my skin).  The scrub also comes in a variety of scents, but I prefer the vanilla (surprise!) or the coffee.

I use all the products (including the shower gel) all year long, but most consistently in the winter when MY SKIN ACTUALLY HURTS!!!!

You can get it here: lalicious

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