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Sunday Book Club

I love to read.  One of my greatest failures as a parent, I believe, is that not one of my children loves to read.  As a child I could sit for hours, reading and rereading my favorite  books.  I read most anything…I’ll even read the back of the shampoo bottle if nothing else is around.

I remember reading The Handmaid’s Tale, before it was a big political miniseries, and one part has always stuck out to me.  Under the guise of protecting them, women are forbidden to read in the political climate of the book.  The young protagonist girl in the story has one pillow in her house with the word “Faith” on it. She reads this pillow over and over and over again.  I remember thinking as I read about that pillow that I would do the same thing.  I need to read like I need to breathe.

So I’m going to share with you my summer reading–and hopefully continue throughout the year.  I tend to read quick, lighter books in the summer and heavier topics in the winter and spring (like biographies and history).

This week’s book is Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart.  I would give it 4 stars.  Excellent, quick read.  The book takes places in the not-to-distant future, and America is on its way down.  An average, intelligent guy (Lenny) falls for a beautiful young Korean girl (Eunice), and it is basically their story together.  There is a twist at the end–one that did surprise me, but no worries, it ends well.  The only problem I had initially (and this is intentional), is figuring out that this book does not take place in present-day America.  There are terms, technology, and political environments that took me a few chapters to understand.  The book switches POV between Lenny and Eunice, which is incredibly helpful in shaping the perspective of each character.  The book is funny and sad, and never quite what you think it will be.    Author Shteyngart did an incredible job with forseeing the future–many of the products, problems, and politics seem incredibly plausible and authentic.

Next week’s book: Beartown by Fredrik Backman



Quick note on this one: Backman also wrote an unforgettable book called A Man Called Ove.  If you haven’t read A Man Called Ove, skip Beartown and read Ove.  Like now.  A Man Called Ove is, quite honestly, one of the sweetest, truest, touching books I’ve ever read.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Book Club

  1. I loved A Man Called Ove. I read it twice in one month and then read everything else Backman has written but am currently wait-listed at the library for Beartown. I can’t wait for your review and have added Super Sad True Love Story to my list. 🙂


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