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Botox, Baby!!

One of the most common questions I get is about Botox.  I have been a regular Botox user several years now.  It started with the lines between my eyebrows.  I was 39, and taking a relaxed picture with my friend.  I noticed that even though I wasn’t squinting or looking concerned or angry, you could still see those two lines.  I have since had Botox in various areas of my face, including around my eyes, forehead, and jaw.  The jaw Botox is actually NOT to help me look more youthful.  I clench my teeth so badly that I am wearing them away.  I’ve tried the mouthguards, the little blocks, just about everything.  But the problem is I clinch ALL the time (see all my anxiety posts), not just at night.

The main question I get is does it hurt?  And the answer is yes, but it is not unbearable.  Mostly it just feels like little pinches.  I am very sensitive around my eyebrows, so it may hurt me more than most.

You will see results in about a week.  Sometimes I get bruising, but I bruise very easily.  I take arinca (you can get it over the counter at most drug stores) a few days before and I also do not take any pain relievers, as they can cause more bleeding which equals more bruising.

I didn’t start with Botox until I noticed a problem, but I wish I’d started earlier.  The earlier you start the less you need.

Here are my horrible before and after photos.  These were taken a two weeks apart.  To be fair, I also had had some filler done and my lips injected.  I’ll talk about those later.  This is how dedicated I am to this blog–I am showing you this hideous picture!!

IMG_1184 You can especially see the lift in my eyes and eyebrows.

Now, I am going to show you the actual injection process.  This is my friend Treasure, who works for Elase spa.  If you are local, go see her.  She’s the best!

WARNING: This video shows needles and injections.  There is also a very tiny bit of blood. If you are afraid of any of these things, do NOT watch!!!



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