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Sunday Book Club: The City & The City


Okay, so now that the excitement is over (obviously I mean Game of Thrones premiere), let’s dive right in to this week’s Book Club book!

The City & The City…it came highly recommended, and I picked it to read because I thought it would be a fast read (crime/drama/murder mystery genre).  Uh, no.  It’s more science fiction than anything else.  So it took me a looooonnnnggg time to get the hang of it.  I couldn’t figure out the plot and kept getting confused.  So know that ahead of time–not a mystery novel, science fiction.

The basic premise is that there are two cities that are strangely intertwined, and they aren’t supposed to mix with each other.  Each “side” (there really isn’t a side, as they share city blocks, streets, etc.) has its own rules, culture, and socio-economic divisions.  You are not free to go from one city to another, except through a gate shared by the cities.  A young woman is murdered in one city, but the crime has to be investigated in the other.

The main plot is, of course, the investigation of the woman’s murder, but it is also about the investigator navigating a new city and trying to make sense of everything.  There is a science fictiony element with the strange, connected cities (you have to pretend you don’t see citizens, restaurants, streets, cars, etc., of the other city, even though it is right next to you) as well as the clues to the murder.

I found it hard to follow, but I think that was primarily because I was reading for the wrong genre.  Had I known it was a science fiction novel, I would have been prepared for some of the reaches that the author makes.  It was well-written, so it is worth a read.

Next week’s book:


An oldie, but goodie.  I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to read this.

See you next Sunday!

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