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Lip Service

Today’s post is all about lip injections.  As you age, your lips get naturally thinner.  Mine did, at least.  I’ve never had particular full lips; they’ve always been on the thin side.  But I’ve noticed as I’ve been getting older that they are getting thinner and thinner.  The solution is lip injections.  Now, there are several ways to go with this.  You can go for a more natural look, which means less filler or you can go with massive amounts of filler for a, well, less natural look.  I like the go with less filler.

Here are the top questions I get about lip injections:

Q: Does it hurt?

A: OMG, yes!!!  So bad.  It is for a very short time, so if you can just hang on and get through it, you will be okay.

Q: Do you have bruising?

A: Most likely.  I recommend taking arnica before the procedure to minimize the bruising.

Q: What happens after?

A: Your lips will swell up.  They will be way, way bigger than you want for about a week.  And the first night after having it done is the worst.  An ice pack will be your best friend. Do not panic if you feel like your lips are ginormous.  They are.  But the swelling will go down and they will look great.

Q: Who should I go to?

A: My advice for seeing any injector is to look at them.  If they look like you want to look, then that’s who you want to see.  My injector looks very natural, so I go with her.  Finding someone who looks like you want to look is probably the most important thing.  Recommendations from others who have the same look is also really important.  You want to see their work before you go to them.

Do not watch the following video if needles, injections or watching medical procedures makes you ill!!  

And a before and after.  These pictures are awful, but they show the difference after botox, lip injections and filler.


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