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Fillers are awesome!  As we age, another awesome benefit is that we lose subcutaneous fat, or the fat that lies just under the skin.  This causes the facial muscles to move closer to the skin, causing all sorts of amazing things like wrinkles, dark under eye circles and crow’s feet.

Our skin also looses facial volume.  Here’s where fillers can help.  They can help us plump up our lips (as seen in this video, which caused many people to not feel very well), enhance contours (as in the video below), soften creases and wrinkles (like the puppet lines around your mouth), and shadows under the eyes.

It is fantastic for removing the early signs of aging and can help prevent or delay surgical options like facelifts, brow lifts, or eye lifts.

As always, choose your injector carefully.  Find someone who looks the way you want to look.  Ask around, especially if you see someone who has had good work done.

Be prepared for some swelling the first week or so.  IT WILL GO DOWN.  Don’t panic!  You might also bruise at the injection site.  Take arnica for few days before your procedure to help with the bruising.   Remember after the procedure ice is your best friend!

Below is the video of me getting filler in my cheekbones.  DO NOT watch if you get queasy with needles.

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