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Neglect Not Your Neck

Recently I’ve noticed that my neck is aging me.  I have spent lots of time (and money!) on my face, and completely forgot about my neck.  Your neck is a tricky area.  The skin is thin, so it shows your age much earlier.  Nora Ephron even wrote a hilarious book about it, called I Feel Bad About My Neck. (This book is about more than just your neck, but being a woman in general.  I highly recommend it.  Hilarity ensues.)  You can use the same products on your neck as on your face, but either you forget or they just don’t work as well.

I went to see my amazing injector, Treasure, about it.  I don’t want a facelift–the reason why I do so much on my face is to avoid that–and that seemed to be my only option for fixing my hideous neck.  Other than wearing turtlenecks and scarves for the rest of my life.

Treasure mentioned that Botox was now being used to help fix icky necks.  I wasn’t sure about Botox in my neck; it seemed a little risky.  But I trust her, and I know she is very skilled. (Ahem.  Another reason why I push having an really good injector that you trust.)  I had her put Botox in my neck.  Here are the results.  Before Botox is on the left, 2 weeks later is on the right. Also, I am straining my neck in both picture to show it at it’s worst.

IMG_1519IMG_1518Both photos are completely unretouched, which is why they look so hideous.

But notice the softening of the lines, how smooth the skin is starting to look, and how I don’t look 55 (which isn’t a bad age, but it’s just way older than I really am).

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