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Sunday Book Club: No One Is Coming To Save Us


Before I get into this week’s book, I’d like to review how I did last week with my goals.

  1. Eating Habits: Uh, well, I did okay.  I didn’t drink carbonated beverages (yay!), or sugar (for the most part, I did cheat yesterday, but that was the only time), but I couldn’t stay away from white carbs.  Next week is a new chance to start again.
  2. Work Out: I’ve been ill, so I haven’t been able to do my cardio like I wanted, and I didn’t go back to my hot Pilates class.
  3. Nightly Mediation:  Nope.
  4. Nightly check email:  Sort of.  Some nights I did it, but some nights I didn’t.  My inbox is currently at 518.
  5. Reading and TV ratio:  I have been reading more, and only having the TV on for “company”.

So next week, the plan is to continue to work on these five things and try to get myself in order.  It’s hard when you physically don’t feel well and mentally are struggling.  There are a lot things that are completely out of my control right now, and that’s hard.  However, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel, so that gives me hope.

My Love/Hate Relationship with Stephen King

During this Halloween season, everything seems to be Stephen King.  This weekend I turned on the TV and there were 3 of his movies on, not to mention the terrifying one in theaters.

I hate horror.  It’s one of the few genres I will not read, or watch.  But here’s the thing with King.  He’s a genius.  He’s a weirdo, and a nerd, and an amazing writer.  He never fails to get a reaction from me.  I remember being a teenage girl, and my uncle (who was a huge King fan), had left a book at my grandmother’s house that he had finished.  It was called  The Tommyknockers, and I opened it out of curiosity. There was a short child-like poem at the beginning that I read.  I scared me so badly I threw the book down.  I would quote it here, but I can’t fully remember it and I don’t want to re-read it again.  I have never found a book that has scared me so badly, unless you count Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches trilogy, which I had to hide under my couch for a bit.

But this Saturday I watched The Green Mile.  And it is amazing.  I sob at the end every time.  Heaving, shoulder-shaking sobs.  The book is even more incredible.

Anyway, I admire and respect King as a phenomenal writer, but he scares me so badly that I hate him.  That’s my stand.

Now finally on to the Book of the Week…

I found No One Is Coming to Save Us on a list of the top Southern books of this year.  I have a soft spot for Southern literature. It speaks to me in a way that other books just can’t.

No One is Coming to Save Us is about an African-American family in North Carolina, in an area where I used to live.  It has been billed as the “African-American Great Gatsby,” in a twisted way. I don’t necessarily agree.  I think Save Us stands alone, with it’s own style of writing and own story to tell.

The book begins in a small Southern town that is slowly dying. The focus is on a tight African-American family, but mostly Sylvia and her daughter Ava.  Ava has done well for herself financially, securing a job at a local bank, but she cannot get pregnant and her husband is no good anyway.  In one of Ava’s lowest moments, a young man named JJ returns to town.  JJ was raised by Sylvia after his mother was killed, and he and Ava were quite close as teenagers.  JJ (or Jay, as he is called as an adult), is building a gigantic house above the city, and he is actively trying to court Ava, whom he loves and wants to be with.

Ava’s husband makes poor choices, Ava makes bad choices, Sylvia makes bad choices.  But none bring happiness, most of all the giant house above the town.  The story of the family, desperately trying to survive in such a depressed community, is beautiful in its sadness.  Is it possible for Jay to save them?  I think the title says it all.  Fantastic read.

Next week’s book: My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent


One thought on “Sunday Book Club: No One Is Coming To Save Us

  1. I too have a love/hate with Stephen King. Some of his books are too terrifying to read. I read IT last year.. It was horrible… So scary. I also hated Pet Cemetery… So disturbing. That being said.. He’s one of my favorite authors. I have listened to Insomnia about 10 times on audible…I cry every time at the end. The Stand is so good, Shawshank redemption, Green Mile.. So amazing. I could go on and on. After his accident I found his books sadly lacking but his recent-ish book 11/22/63 was phenomenal.


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