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Sunday Book Club: Caraval

IMG_E2747I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and fabulous New Year; although I am well aware that many of you did not.  It can be such a hard time for so many.  I personally do not like New Year’s.  The idea of the blank calendar year before me causes me such stress and anxiety.  While others see a fresh start, I see the unknown.  But let’s hope and work hard to make 2018 a good year.

So Caraval by Stephanie Garber.  It’s a fantasy novel, and fantasy is generally not my favorite.  Instead of getting lost in the story I find myself trying to relate the fantasy to things I know in my world.  I have a hard time letting go of reality and enjoying the fantasy.

Caraval had enough real-world elements so that I could enjoy the fantastical story.  The story starts in a Cinderella-fashion: Scarlett and her sister, Donatella, are the daughters of cruel father who dream of leaving his ruthless tyranny.  Scarlett is to be married as her means of escape, but she must leave Donatella behind.

As a child, Scarlett wrote to Legend, the grandmaster of Caraval, an elaborate party/game that participants must be personally invited to.  Scarlett was always rejected.  Her grandmother had told her wonderful stories about the lavishness of Caraval, and of the showmanship of Legend.  Every year without fail she wrote, only to be turned down time and time again.  Just three days before she is to be married, Scarlett receives her invitation.  Both she and her sister are invited to the party.

The story and plot get too twisted and fantastical to relate here, but it really was a fast and easy read; it’s a story of a place where nothing is as it seems and the game is never over.  If you need a good beach or vacation book that doesn’t require too much thinking, this one is perfect.

Next week’s book: The Leavers by Lisa Ko


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